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Art'n Food, culture and street food

Street Art and Cuisine

Street Cuisine is a nomadic gastronomy, a delightful break, a festive interlude.

Quality fast food is associated with Street Art.

We offer an extraordinarily fitted kiosk, stationary or mobile, with a high recognition value, operative and functional, maximum operating time and an ecological construction design.

Our concept aims at meeting three demands:

  1. 1.    Offering an effective work tool to the company founder

-       Technical briefing: Working out the menu and seasonal menus, material costing, price scale, composing food, hygiene, choice of suppliers

-       Administrative briefing: Providing a location and market study, product definition, budgeting, business plan, application for financing, support

  1. 2.    Providing the client with a delicious, affordable product of high quality

-       Even though the food range may vary, this mustn’t affect art ‘n food’s identity (fresh food, local and premium)

-       The menu will be seasonally altered.

-       Our distinctive marks are both rigorous environmental protection and strict observance of sanitary standards; Future operators will be placed under the obligation to strictly adhere to these requirements.


  1. 3.    Creating a meeting place taking up with street art again.

-       It is our goal to offer light entertainment programs during mealtime. This might take place on a daily basis (Readings, painting sessions, auditions, stand-up comedy), weekly (circus, puppet theatre, concerts), monthly (Open mike, pantomime, “Flavours from all around the world”), or else thematically (birthdays, after-work cocktails, theme parties)

-       These entertainment programs will help creating a meeting place.

Multiple flavours are associated with art and culture.

A meeting place where views are exchanged.

An affordable work tool ready to use.

Accessible for everyone who completed a simple, short and practical training.

You will work according to your own time table and pull in sales from the first year on.

Supply is determined by demand.

Creating a stage in unlikely places.

Employment opportunities for artists.

Sustainable development, local suppliers, short distances, simple and economical cooking of high quality.